10 Best PDF Compressors to Compress PDF Online

The term PDF stands for Portable Document Format. These kinds of files are used to maintain the same formatting and style of the file on all devices. People find it difficult to share large-sized PDF files. It takes more time if there are images in the file.

To avoid this issue that is faced by multiple people every day, one can use an online PDF compressor. These tools compress PDF files retaining the quality of the document within minimum time. In this article, the reader will learn about the top 10 PDF compressors along with their pros and cons.

What Makes the Best PDF Compressors?

Certain checkboxes are needed to be checked for an online software application to become the best PDF compressor.

  • Utilize Less Time: The waiting process is the first thing that bothers the user when compressing a file. A good tool processes the compression of the file within a blink of an eye.
  • Retain the Quality: The important factor when compressing the file is to keep the quality of the file the same as the original. The file that has blurry images and text would be worthless.
  • Maintain the Security: Companies that use these tools ask to preserve the integrity of their data. For this purpose, the right tool will never invade the privacy of the user's data.
  • Compress Large Sized Files: A PDF compressor is considered good if it can compress big files. The main purpose of these tools is to reduce the size of large files; if this job isn't done, then such tools would be useless.

1. CocoDoc

It won't be considered wrong if we say that CocoDoc is the best PDF compressor online. It provides numerous extraordinary features that maintain its rank on the top of the list of online PDF compressor tools.

When a file is compressed online, it usually fails to keep its original form and shape, but with CocoDoc, this isn't the case. It optimizes the quality of the images and does not blur the pages of the document.

CocoDoc allows users to compress a PDF after following certain steps. These steps are defined below.

Step 1: Firstly, the user has to select the file from the desktop or cloud storage either by choosing the file or dragging and dropping it. You can also insert the URL of your PDF file.

Step 2: When the file is uploaded on the console of the CocoDoc, it asks the user to choose from the three given options. After the desired option is selected, the file will be compressed immediately.

Step 3: The compressed file is ready. Now the user can download it or share it with friends by copying the URL.

Profitable Points

  • This web application is used in a personal and business environment. CocoDoc provides bank-level security of the data to its users.
  • It compresses a file by using three different categories. These options are less, good and extreme compression.
  • CocDoc provides OCR technology to its users. This feature facilitates the user to scan a PDF file with complete precision.
  • This software is completely free. The user can access all of its features with a web browser only.


  • The only disadvantage is that there is no desktop version of this tool.

2. Adobe Compressor

The name of this tool speaks for itself. This platform is the most trustworthy tool in the eyes of the people. We all are familiar with the company Adobe, and almost all of us have used different software applications from the Adobe software family. Adobe Compressor is the finest online PDF compressor.

This tool not only reduces the size of the document but also provides convenience to the user on each step. It allows the user to compress a PDF file without wasting even a second quickly. With the help of Adobe Compressor, the user can directly upload a file or drag it from the location and drop it on the online console to compress it.


  • This tool reduces the size of a PDF file effortlessly and returns the compressed file in an extremely high-quality format.
  • Due to the great level of efficiency, this tool is best for dealing with documents in big organizations.
  • The design of this tool is highly flexible. The user can mold the toolbar of this tool according to personal ease and interest.


  • This web app has several complex features that make it difficult for the layman to understand and use it.

3. HiPDF

HiPDF is an online PDF compressor that could be used from any part of the world; the only thing that matters is a good internet connection. This web app is the best option for people who want their files to be compressed in a minimum time. The files that are compressed always retain their original quality. When using HiPDF, there is no need to worry about the security of the files as it does not provide access to the file to any stranger.


  • This platform gives free access to the regular and commonly used tools to the user.
  • If the file of the user is corrupted, then this tool can repair and fix it.
  • It is easy to use web application. The non-technical users understand the interface of this tool very easily.


  • It limits its free users from using advanced file processing tools. To use these tools, the user has to pay for them.

4. Soda PDF

When it comes to reliability, then there is no better option than Soda PDF. This web application enables the user to compress PDF, free. In companies, documents are usually lengthy, and it is difficult for the employees to share them with others because it takes so much time to upload/download. To avoid this issue, one can use Soda PDF, compress a file in seconds and share it with anyone in no time.


  • During compression of the PDF file, the quality of the pictures are not compromised.
  • The user can enjoy the facility of offline compression of files if the premium package is subscribed.
  • This platform makes the work of the user much easier as it is integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox. This allows the user to share files easily.


  • The user has to wait for a long time to compress the file when using its web application.

5. PDF Buddy

PDF Buddy is a web application that is considered a business tool. This web application is used in small to medium-sized companies. PDF Buddy is a free PDF compressor. It allows its user to compress the file by following basic steps, and within no time, the compressed file is in the hands of the user. It enables the user to edit three files in a month without paying for it.

Strong Points

  • This tool provides various options for the user to reduce the size of the PDF file.
  • Before using the system, it provides complete guidelines to the user for a better understanding of the user.
  • The user can access it through any web browser as it works on all platforms.

Weak Points

  • Being an old online application, the features of this platform are not up-to-date. It does not manage any sort of modern security threats.

6. Sejda

Sejda is a PDF editing tool that is well-known in the software industry for its intuitive skills of processing, manipulating, and compressing a PDF file. Sejda is the right choice for people who search for simple and basic compression features in an application. It provides two options for compressions one is regular compression, and the other is faster compression. In faster compression, it ignores small-sized images and only compresses large-sized images.

Plus Points

  • It optimizes the quality of images that are compressed by its web app.
  • If high-resolution images are required, then this platform gives 3 options to the user to adjust the resolution by himself.
  • It removes the unused fonts and images during compression by itself to provide better compression results to the user.


  • For users, it only allows three tasks per day to be processed, and the duration of a free session is also limited.

7. PDFescape

PDFescape is a software application that is also known as PDF compressor online. It provides different options for compressing a file. These options include no compression, original quality, print quality, office quality, and email or web quality. The user can select any of the given options depending upon the requirement.

Plus Points

  • Its online version is full of basic features. This application is best for users who do not require advanced features in a web application.
  • If the file of the user is in a different format, even then, it can create a PDF file out of it.
  • The files are not saved on the servers of this software application. As soon as the work is done, files are deleted from the data servers.

Bad Points

  • This tool only offers the protection tool in the ultimate version, which means the user has to buy it to protect data in files.

8. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a fully functioning PDF editing tool that has great strength in compressing PDF files. It allows its user to compressor a PDF file within the slightest delay. The techniques used by Smallpdf to compress are unique. It comes with a 7 days free trial. Other than compressing, the user can also create, edit, merge, and split the PDF file in a few seconds.


  • SmallPDF allows the user to compress the file even if there is no internet facility which means the user can compress a PDF while staying offline.
  • It enables the user to process a file of large size. It can easily compress files up to 5GB.
  • SmallPDF offers different kinds of tools to the user for compressing the file.


  • This tool is an expensive choice to make because the user has to pay a specific amount of money to use all the functionality of it.

9. PDF Compressor

The PDF Compressor is an online tool that is designed to resolve the issues that occurred while compressing a file. Whenever there is a need to compress PDF online, then PDF compressor is the right call. In this tool, there is no option available for enhancing the quality of the compressed PDF, but still, the file that comes out is of high quality. People may not find the interface of this tool attractive as it is a simple web application.


  • This tool is free to use. The users do not have to pay for compressing a file when using this online tool.
  • It does not produce any blurry or unclear images in the compressed PDF files.
  • As it is a web application, it is easily accessible to everyone, and there is no need to download it.


  • It gets difficult for the user to process a big-sized file. Hence, it limits the size of the file.

10. PDF2Go

This platform allows the user to edit and convert a PDF file. This web application is best known for its capabilities in PDF compression. With the help of PDF2Go, the user can not only compress a file but also select the intensity of compression. This tool allows the user to compress a document by using either basic or strong compression.

Good Points

  • PDF2Go compresses files and returns them without any sort of virus, unlike other low-quality compressing tools.
  • It allows the user to grayscale the images to reduce the size of the PDF file.
  • This web application does not violate the copyrights of a file. When a file is uploaded on its console for manipulation, the private data is not shared with any third party.

Bad Points

  • The web application shows numerous advertisements that create hindrance in the work of the user, and eventually, the user's time is wasted.


Online PDF compressors have brought ease to our daily life. Earlier, people had to wait for quite a long time before the documents were sent/received or uploaded/downloaded.

This article has mentioned some of the best tools that are used to compress PDF files. The people who look for a good compressing tool must check the credibility of these tools as there is a risk of breach of information through online websites.