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Compress Small and Large Files

CocoDoc's allows you to compress PDFs ranging from a few MB all the way up to a few GB. The PDF is compressed using the most advanced algorithms.

Super-Quick Processing

CocoDoc is a lightning-quick PDF compressor. The utility will crunch through even the biggest files in a few seconds.

Optimize for Quality

Want your PDF to be smaller without losing the quality of the photos and other content in it? CocoDoc compresses PDFs while preserving the quality.

Security Comes First

Any document you choose to upload or store on CocoDoc is protected by the latest and best security protocols. Your data is kept private and is only accessible to you.

Store on the Cloud

You can compress PDFs and store them conveniently in your CocoDoc account cloud library for quick access and retrieval later.

Share Seamlessly

Conveniently share your compressed PDFs from your CocoDoc dashboard in two clicks. You won't need to upload it to an external cloud sharing service.

How to Compress a PDF File Online?

  • Upload the PDF you want to shrink into CocoDoc's PDF compressor utility.
  • The tool will shrink the file when you click on compress.
  • Download the compressed PDF onto your computer.

PDF Compressor FAQ

How do I compress a PDF without Adobe?
You can compress a PDF without Adobe by using a PDF compressor utility - like CocoDoc. You don't have to download any software to your computer or mobile. You can convert the PDF from within your web browser. All you have to do is visit the CocoDoc PDF compressor page, upload the file you wish to reduce, and click on compress. It's fast and works from any device with a web browser.
What is a PDF compressor?
A PDF compressor is a tool that reduces the size of a PDF document to make it smaller. Usually, PDF compressors reduce the size of the file by 50% to 90%. It depends on the PDF file and the compressor in question. Some compressors do a better job than others. Moreover, some compressors are better at maintaining the quality of images contained in the PDF file than others. CocoDoc is one of the best ones.
How do you change the size of a PDF file?
There are multiple ways to change the size of a PDF file. In some PDF editors, you can resave the file to a reduced size while maintaining version compatibility. Some PDF editors also come with an optimizer function that reduces the size of the PDF file as you write it. If you want to maintain the fidelity of the file while reducing its size, we recommend using a high-accuracy PDF compressor tool like CocoDoc.
How do I make a PDF file smaller so I can upload it?
The most convenient way to make a PDF file smaller is to use a PDF compressor tool like CocoDoc. CocoDoc allows you to reduce the size of the file while maintaining the quality of any images inside. Just simply visit CocoDoc website from any phone or PC and upload the PDF into the compressor. The compressor will do the rest. You will need a CocoDoc account to download and share the compressed file afterward.
How do you resize a PDF file on a PC?
You can resize a PDF file on a PC with the help of a PDF reader, a PDF compressor program, or an online PDF utility like CocoDoc. CocoDoc offers the fastest, most hassle-free method to resize your PDF. You simply drag and drop the PDF file into the compressor and CocoDoc will do the rest. You can then download the file or choose to share it from your CocoDoc account.
Which is the best PDF compressor?
The best PDF compressor out there at the moment is CocoDoc, even if we do say it ourselves. Not only is it super-quick, but it also maintains a high level of quality for the images in the file getting compressed. Finally, the tool is free, secure, and easy-to-use. You can access it online from any web-enabled device without having to download it, and it requires zero technical skills from your end.

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