5 Best PDF Resizer to Resize PDF Online

PDF files are common in use for work and studies. These files are the most popular file formats in every workplace. We can use these files for multiple platforms as they are compatible and reliable files. The features of PDF files make it the most demanding file format for sharing and transmitting information using online platforms.

There are many tools or online platforms that allow users to make changes in their PDF files. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 PDF tools used to resize PDF without losing the quality of the PDF files. Out of these, CocoDoc is the best PDF compressor having the simplest steps to resize the PDF.

1. CocoDoc

CocoDoc i s an efficient platform having remarkable features for all kinds of use of PDF documents. You can easily edit and customize your PDF files according to your requirements.

1.1 CocoDoc - No.1 PDF Resizer

Across the whole world, the most used PDF-converter is CocoDoc. The application allows users to compress their PDF files to perfection so that they can share them across any platform. CocoDoc is recognized by leading different brands, which includes iLounge, TechTimes, Phandroid, TechRadar, etc.

CocoDoc is an open-source PDF editor which allows users to customize their PDF files using its multiple editing functions. Its competent PDF compressor provides results within a few seconds. Users can easily compress their small and large files that range from MBs to GBs.

The formats that CocoDoc supports include Excel, PPT, Word, JPG. This application allows users to resize PDF files in a single folder having different formats. You can access this PDF editor on any device because of its cloud-based platform. Once compressed, they can share it across any platform they desire.

1.2 How to Resize a PDF Online with CocoDoc

There are some certain steps that are required to be followed to compress PDF files using CocoDoc. The procedure of resizing PDF file is explained below:

Step 1: Select PDF File

At the beginning of the compression procedure, you need to choose a file from your computer. You can also choose a file from Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive and can add a link to your PDF file. After choosing the file, you need to click on the "Continue" option for the next phase.

Step 2: Choose the Type of Compression

In this step, you will face three types of compressions, choose one of these options and click on continue:

  • Less compression: With less compression and high-quality features.
  • Good Compression: With decent compression, and there is no loss of quality.
  • Extreme compression: With high compression and less quality.

Step 3: Download or Share Compressed File

In a few seconds, the compressor will show you the percentage of compression with a ready file. You can now download the file on your personal computer. You can share your compressed file by copying the URL.

1.3 Business Tailored Functions of CocoDoc

Some of the other impressive functions of CocoDoc are given below:

  1. Create and Convert PDF File: CocoDoc allows you to create your PDF file and then convert the m instantly. It converts them in a required format, including Word, JPG, and Excel.
  2. Unlock and Protect PDF File: Using CocoDoc, users can easily encrypt their PDF files. It makes your PDF content save with a password. You can also remove this password with a few clicks.
  3. Create Form and eSign: CocoDoc allows users to create instant form and make changes in that form . Later, by using the eSign feature, the user can sign the newly created PDF form.

2. PDF Candy

Candy is a PDF resizer tool with a basic interface. It is an online tool for compressing PDF files for the purpose of resizing. Its server starts working when a user uploads a file, and it compresses it into a required format. It has all the working tools on the front page, which can make it easy for the user to choose one of those tools.

This impressive tool allows users to choose one or more files at the same time. The selected files will be compressed at once without waiting for the compression process of one file and then the other.

The compressed PDF files by PDF Candy will show some suggestions based on the information quoted in the PDF file. These suggestions could be about password, encryption, size modification, and many more. After the compression is done, PDF Candy will automatically remove the PDF information from the server later.

3. Sejda

Sejda is a simple and fundamental type of tool. Considering this fact, many organizations which support P DF are using this tool to keep it simple. This platform offers a very coherent and competent system in compressing a PDF file. When any user comes to compress any file across Sejda, they can format any file that is within 200 pages or size of 100 MB.

It not only helps to resize a PDF file but even helps optimize the images and unused fonts and images. While the us er is autonomous in selecting the quality of the images, they can also have it converted into a grayscale image. However, it is important to know that Sejda requires a one-time payment of $5.

Users can also go for a trial version before buying the complete software. In the free version of Sejda, users can only get limited trials which are three per day. It is an online platform for some basic functioning in a limited manner on mobile phones and tablets. The user, however, can have a very efficient PDF compression if they consider using Sejda.

4. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is known as a cross-platform tool. The second name of Soda PDF represents that the users could use this platform on both Mac, Windows and iOS, and Android. This tool shows you how to resize a PDF by compressing PDF files into other required formats. It works without downloading any plugins.

You can choose PDF files and upload them to the Soda PDF tools interface, and compress all the files. You can also drag selected fil es and drop them in the Soda PDF tool. Using Soda PDF is a good choice because of its simple and easy use online regardless of other tools which need installation first.

There are five languages that Soda PDF supports. You are allowed to customize your PDF using this powerful tool. It can compress a 475kb file to a 91 kb file with original quality content. Concluding Soda PDF, it can reduce PDF files by 81% without losing the PDF quality.

5. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a PDF resize tool with various conversion options. This platform is used for compressing PDF files, but unlike other online too ls , it has limited editing options. There is no free version for this tool, and the user needs to purchase its online version for further use. The subscription for this tool begins from $6, and for a desktop version, it could be higher.

The user interface of Small PDF is highly energetic. This tool uses almost 24 languages, and the beginning language is English for easy use. It is a reliable compression tool for uploading and downloading PDF files in multiple ways. It supports files like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Smallpdf keeps the originality of the content with its impressive layouts and different colors. It displays the percentage of how much it can compress your PDF file. Users can also use the desktop version of this amazing tool.


Advanced PDF files are used in each place where content is being stored. It is important to customize your PDF files using different tools according to your requirements. CocoDoc is one such online platform that assures its users to give them the best output without harming the quality of the content.

CocoDoc offers many forms of editing in PDF files. The impressive resizing functionality of this tool is widely discussed in the above article. In this article, viewers will also get to know about other PDF resizer tools and how to resize a PDF file.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Is it possible to compress PDF files without losing content quality?
  • Yes, Do c is a reliable platform that compresses your PDF files without losing the original quality of the content. We assure you that you will get the desired compressed file format with the same quality and information.

  • Can CocoDoc compress my multilingual PDF file?
  • Yes, you can compress any type of PDF file using CocoDoc. It supports many languages and can preserve the quality of your files having the same content.

  • How does CocoDoc make compression of PDF files simpler?
  • CocoDoc makes the compressing process easier by removing some objects from th e PDF file. They are streams from PDF files, applying compression filters, subsetting fonts, unused objects, re using content streams, and many other methods for resizing PDF files without changing the quality of the content.

  • Name and discuss those algorithms that are used in PDF to compress data?
  • There are some algorithms that CocoDoc uses for the purpose of compressing data, images, and other graphics in PDF file:

    • Flate: This algorithm is used for compressing the test and images in the PDF file.
    • JBIG2: It is an algorithm that supports both lossy and lossless compression of images in a PDF file.
    • JPEG: It is a lossy algorithm for compressing images.
    • RLE: It is an Algorithm with lossless image quality during compression.
    • CCIT G3/G4: This algorithm is used during image compression for lossless quality.
    • LZW: A lossless algorithm for images and the written text in PDF files during compression.
    • JPEG2000: It is an improvement over JPEG, and it enables both lossless and lossy compression of images.
    • Zip: it is an archival format that supports lossless content compression.